justin2Justin Perry

Justin Perry

Chief Services Officer


Justin has 10+ years of executing strategies to promote business development, organizational growth, and customer service initiatives. At Wakefly, Justin plays an integral role in refining the customer acquisition process, sales growth, and customer service. His efforts ensure that Wakefly will maintain its high degree of quality in light of tremendous growth.

“In any vendor/client relationship there are often times when you lose site of the fact that there are real people on both sides of the phone or computer.  These people have families, hopes, dreams, aspirations and fears.  Our day to day lives force us to focus on the task at hand; which can force us to lose focus on why we are doing what we are doing.
My job and the job of my team here at Wakefly is to protect against that loss of focus.  The future of Marketers, and in some cases- businesses’ themselves rely on our recommendations.  Helping our Clients succeed as it relates to business metrics, helps them succeed as people.  When the Client prospers- Wakefly prospers.  When Wakefly prospers- the people at Wakefly prosper.  To me- there is no greater fulfillment in business than that.”




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