Our SEO Process Delivers Consistent, Exceptional Results

With our proven three-phased search engine optimization process tailored to your goals, website, and current rankings, our talented team of SEO experts ensure significantly improved organic rankings for your website.


Phase 1 – Enact Quick Fixes

Code-based improvements that have the most immediate impact on performance like improving meta data, ensuring correct use of h1 tags, and making some keywords evident in the first 120 words of the first paragraph of the page.

Phase 2 – Evaluation & Continued Alterations

An analytical and data driven approach suggest content edits, internal and external linking, optimization, where traffic is coming from and targets for now potential link partners.

Phase 3 – Extensive Content Change Recommendations

Addition and bifurcation of existing content, providing targeted and relevant experience for key terms, coordinating social media outlets and presences to amplify reach for the quality content.

Safe Systems Case Study

Case Study: Learn how Wakefly helped Safe Systems increase their organic traffic and discover what their competitors were doing.

LiteFighter Case Study

Case Study: Wakefly steps in to help with a new website design and updated SEO strategy for LiteFighter Systems, as part of an effort to improve keyword visibility and increase user time on the site.

Initial Technical Assessment

At the beginning of our search engine marketing process, Wakefly performs an evaluation of the keyword quality, title tags, headers, meta descriptions, URL descriptions, blogs, social media, links, and SEO industry rankings associated with your website.  From there, we will determine the baseline from which Wakefly will work with your company to build, improve and benchmark progress.

Deep Dive SEO and Strategic Analysis

Wakefly conducts a comprehensive analysis of over 60 checkpoints on your website that aid in acquiring qualified visitors from search engines, funneling these visitors to conversion points on your site, and ultimately converting them to an opportunity for your business to generate revenue from a conversion. Additionally, Wakefly learns as much as we can about your business, your customer, and the role of your website in gathering prospects and converting them into customers. This unique combination of technical, search marketing and conversion analysis with detailed business and competitive context provides you with a 360 degree analysis of your web asset.


With our SEO plan in place, Wakefly works to optimize on-page content for specific keywords and phrases that are bringing in high monthly search volume, first by the actual content on each page, then by meta data.  We also ensure that the search engine spiders are crawling and indexing your pages frequently.

Wakefly SEOs build a blogging/content calendar and utilize professional writers for post development to keep your website’s content fresh and ease the acquisition of natural links.


Monthly SEO meetings are scheduled to keep you informed on the current state of the SEO contract. We go over your specific marketing process which includes updates on completed and planned SEO activities, organic non-paid traffic, and keyword and page performance.



These separate areas of marketing come together to create Wakefly’s process of Search Engine Optimization and develop your winning strategy. Each method is tailored to your specific needs and has your success in mind. So why are you waiting?

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