Our Digital Media Management Process Delivers Consistent, Exceptional Results

Wakefly’s strategy will ground your campaign in industry standards and best practices, providing the vital foundation (or springboard) for future success. Wakefly has years of experience, knowledge and expertise that comes from a long track record of successful digital media management. Wakefly’s digital media team is dedicated entirely to managing every aspect of your project.


Introduction Call
Complete Pre-requisites
Kick-Off Call

The on-boarding process establishes a collaborative relationship and allows the collection of all assets, content, access, as well as establish project goals.


Channel Partners
Creative/Landing Pages

During this phase Wakefly performs a deep dive into the existing account(s) and marketing assets. Based on the results of the deep dive, tactics and strategies will be recommended.



Placement, optimization, testing, conversion recommendations, reporting, and much more are all part of the on-going optimization of digital media management.


98% of marketers are unhappy with their PPC ROI. Watch how Wakefly can help:

We Over Communicate

Your account team will be available for regularly scheduled reports and strategy meetings through every step of the digital media management process. Wakefly makes communication a priority so you are never left in the dark and will always know where your marketing dollars are being spent.

Our Reports Are KPI Driven & Easy to Understand

Digital Media is all about the data. There are thousands of data points accumulating on your website each day. Our reporting aggregates the process into a streamlined, easy to understand report. “Analysis Paralysis” is always the enemy, and we work to ensure our insights are easily digested and actionable. Each report we generate contains trends against the goals set forth at the beginning of our engagement, and is customized on a client by client basis.

Sample Report

Display Marketing

Targeted display advertising is a very effective tactic for building brand awareness, nurturing visitors who have come to the website, and unlocking additional traffic from a paid strategy. Wakefly works in three phases to strategize, plan, and procure media space on your behalf.


Using our syndicated research tools and your data to develop target insights, Wakefly provides an integrated digital media strategy that includes plan parameters and budget allocation by digital media channel.


Wakefly identifies media partners using audience measurement tools and reaches out to them with customized requests for proposal.


Wakefly finalizes the details of the program (exact placements, units to be delivered, sizes/specs, etc.) and presents final negotiated costs.


During the flight of your campaign Wakefly constantly monitors performance. Optimizations will be made between placements, creative, and partners to ensure the best possible performance.