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The new UNTUCKit site was built to help the audience better connect to the brand.  The former site did not accurately reflect the upscale and modern nature of the brand,  or convincingly convey to customers the unique selling point of the brand. To solve these issues, UNTUCKit wanted a site that could display quality images that helped convince customers that their shirts were better than the competitions.  They also needed the design to be completed and launched quickly so they could start growing their product lines.  UNTUCKit has an existing shopify site that was adapted, as Shopify met their eCommerce needs and allowed the site re-design to be completed quickly.




Key features include:

  • An easy to update ecommerce platform

  • Front page images that can be easily changed for new product arrivals and promotions

  • A look and feel that reflected their brand personality

  • Descriptive information about their product and its unique features