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Smiths Interconnect is the parent company for a very large group of technology-based divisions and their subsidiaries. This website provides a comprehensive overview of the company as a whole, as well as each of its business units and their capabilities, complete with links to companies operating under the Smiths Interconnect umbrella. Information further includes descriptions of each of the markets covered by products and services provided by the company and its subsidiaries, with imagery specific to each one.

In addition to creating the Smiths Interconnect website, Wakefly has created websites and imagery for multiple sites under the Smiths Power, Smiths Microwave, and Smiths Connectors divisions. Our Professional Services team has collaborated on various projects, from small site updates and redesigned pages to full-scale CMS upgrades and global changes. Built in Kentico, the site was made for optimum ease of management when updating or adding content. The relationship between Wakefly and Smiths Interconnect continues to grow, as more projects develop to keep their online presence up to date.