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    Litefighter 1

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LiteFighter is a custom eCommerce website, built in Volusion. Wakefly designed and developed this site, which had previously only existed as a static site with limited content and no way for customers to purchase products online. LiteFighter creates high quality, lightweight, military-grade tents and tactical gear.

In addition to building the website, Wakefly also focused on marketing the site to market to their key target audiences: active duty and retired military, boy scouts, and serious outdoorsmen. Utilizing social media, paid search and search engine optimization, Wakefly was able to increase brand awareness for LiteFighter and increase web traffic by over 500% in just the first 3 months.  Since the first launch, Wakefly has launched two additional redesigns of the LiteFighter site, the third of which is shown in the images to the left.