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There is no doubt that you can only get out of a great tool what you put into it. To get the maximum return on your investment, you will need to take time to learn the platform and complete the setup before you start seeing results. This process can be lengthy and frustrating.

They can range from small free online tools to large enterprise level platforms like Conductor Searchlight. These tools provide us with a wealth of information that enables us to create, execute, track, and analyze successful strategies.

You need bandwidth and expertise. Wakefly can help.

Our team has completed over 100 successful Searchlight implementations, enabling you, the expert marketer, more time to focus on managing your web presence, not your platform.

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Your Bullet-proof, All-in-One Searchlight WPM Success Plan

You’ve got big Web Presence Management (WPM) dreams, but how do you turn those into rock-solid wins? Learn from Wakefly’s Ren Lacerda, who, after nearly 100 successful Searchlight implementations, has WPM strategy down to an elegant science. You’ll also hear from Beckman Coulter’s Steve Hill, sharing one of the trickiest WPM setups to date (and the duo’s ingenious workarounds). Walk away from this session with a WPM formula that tackles everything from inspiring corporate buy-in to ramping up your ROI. 

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