Heska wanted to develop a website to extend its brand to prospects, customers, investors, career seekers, and other interested parties in an intelligent, attractive, and engaging way. They needed a new look and feel to update the site, strengthen the company’s brand image, and help the customer navigate the site in an efficient manner. They also wanted the site optimized for lead generation, which would include building the site to meet search engine optimization best practices. The last thing they wanted was credible training on medical topics related to the products listed on their website, so that the products were clearly explained, and customers understood why Heska products were better than their competitors.

Wakefly decided that Kentico was the best content management system for the project because it provides streamlined content publishing and better security controls. From a design/branding standpoint, the new website provides the Company with a website that clearly showcases the Company’s products, and that clearly explains to the visitor that the Company is a global business, offering world class veterinary products and services. Traffic has increased, and there are better lead capturing measures in place, to increase conversions.

Quest BRCAvantage

BCRAvantage™ is a microsite built to provide patients and healthcare professionals with valuable information about genetic testing available from Quest Diagnostics. BRCAvantage™ testing checks for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations, which may signify increased risk of developing cancer — specifically, Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome. The site provides links to helpful resources related to the test and health risks, as well as a section to help patients determine whether they may be at risk.

Wakefly designed and developed the site, which was built in Wordpress and utilizes its simple, user-friendly interface for content editing. It also includes custom back end functionality for form fills, where all data is automatically consolidated into a CSV file and sent to the appropriate parties for review on a daily basis. In addition, the site is fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and smartphone sizes.